Tuesday, January 7, 2014

30 Week Pregnancy Update

I might be a TAD late jumping on the pregnancy update train, but I figured it's better late than never. Here is my 30 Week 

How far along? 30 WEEKS! WOW! 

 Total weight gain/measurements: I’m allergic to my bathroom scales ... so I will use the numbers from my Dr's office at my last check-up (2 wks ago)...the grand total so far is 20lbs! Ouch! 

 Maternity clothes: I fought the battle long & hard with this one. I had made it until the 29wk mark with TWO pairs of maternity pants and a belly band. Then I caved and went on a Maternity clothes spree...still only made it home with ONE pair of pants. Someone in the maternity clothes world needs a good slap! Maternity clothes are horrible!! I did get some non maternity bump friendly clothes in the Old Navy massive sale this weekend which will stretch me through until the end of my pregnancy - thankfully! 

 Stretch marks? As of this week, Yes. Only on my hips and they're not too bad...yet. 

 Sleep: Not too bad. I find myself getting very tired towards the end of the day. I usually fall asleep between 7:30-9pm only to wake up around 1am and have to use the bathroom on the hour every hour. It's so weird. Also, the baby is SO active at night, especially when I hop back into bed after using the bathroom. It must be training me for the sleepless nights that are right around the corner. 

 Best moment this week: Receiving the baby's bedding in the mail! The Nursery is REALLY coming together now. And all of the movement from our little one. That will NEVER get old. 

 Miss anything? Being able to bend down normally. 

 Movement: Oh yes, we have an active little one that’s a given! 

 Food cravings: Apples and Tangerines!! 

Anything making you queasy or sick? No, been feeling great thankfully. 

 Gender: Still a mystery (by choice). My husband and Family are CONVINCED it's a girl...I'm still on the fence and will be until i see little girl or boy parts in the delivery room (here's the last U/S pic - which everyone says looks just like me...I still see daddy)

 Labour signs: No, but i have been getting a pretty noticeable pain down low, apparently it's normal as the head starts to get in place for delivery. Both my Mum and sister had it. I will run it by my Dr. on my next visit. 

 Symptoms: A few Braxton Hicks contractions, leg cramps and having to pee every 2 minutes. Also feeling quite a bit of pressure on my bladder which I’m assuming is the baby and probably the reason I’m in the bathroom every 2 minutes . 

 Belly button in or out? It's almost a non-existent BB at this point. I think it will be an outie in the next few weeks, but it's sort of just flat right now. So strange 

 Wedding rings on or off? Still on. 

 Happy or moody most of the time? VERY happy! This pregnancy has changed my life. I've never felt more happy and content in my life. I'm sure that feeling will be magnified when the baby arrives. 

 Looking forward to: My upcoming baby shower and of course the arrival of our miracle baby!!