Monday, December 17, 2012

Body Shop Deals

Hello Everyone,

One thing you will start to notice about me from reading my blog posts is that I LOVE a bargain. However, I am not one of those people who will buy something only because it is on sale. There has to be a reason for the purchase. Same with deals like Groupon, Living Social & Sharing Spree. I will stock up on these if they’re applicable to the stores or restaurants we frequent.

When the Body Shop had $10 for $20 Groupon’s back in November, I purchased one on my account and one on my husbands. I had all intentions of using them for Christmas gifts, but I actually ended up finishing my Christmas Shopping without the need to use these. So, as they are set to expire this week (December 20th if any of you still have yours to use) we headed to the Body Shop yesterday (well I did, Danny sat outside waiting for me J).

They had a phenomenal deal going on this weekend. Everything in the store (excluding gift set’s) was 3 for $30 – this included makeup and fragrances. Woah!! I was able to use both Groupon’s and get the 3 for $30 deal. Here is what I picked up:

·        Vitamin E Hydrating Toner- I’ve heard rave reviews about the Body Shop’s skin care items. I was looking for a good toner that wouldn’t dry out my already somewhat dry skin, so I figured I would give it a try. I used it last night and so far so good. I will do a full review when I’ve used it for a little longer. This was originally $12.50, I got it for $10.

·        LOVE ETC… Eau de Parfum– This caught my interest as soon as I walked over to the fragrance section. It smells so fresh and very subtle. The only downside I can see is that it doesn’t last too long. I sprayed some on my hand yesterday at the store (at around noon), by the time we got home (around 4pm) it was pretty much gone. However, I did get a really good deal, the original price is $29.50, I got it for $10.

·        Of a Man Eau de Toilette – This was a purchase for my Husband. He is not big into wearing anything “stinky” as he calls it. He is happy with just wearing deodorant and that’s it. I on the other hand, love when he wears cologne. So, as I was browsing in the store, I found this. It’s a very light, fresh, clean fragrance which is perfect for him. It’s not overpowering as some of the other cologne’s I’ve bought him over the years. He really liked it. This was originally $28, I got it for $10.

·        Extra Virgin Minerals Compact Foundation (Shade 88817) – I’m obsessed with foundations, so when I saw this I had to give it a go. It has a cream consistency, however when you apply it to your skin it turns powdery. I’m wearing it for the first time today, so we will see how it holds up. So far (4 hours in) so good. Originally $25, I got it for $10.

·        Shimmer Cubes Palette 07 – I own 2 of these Cube Palette’s , so it was a no brainer to pick up another one. The colors are very pigmented and blend well. If you’re not a huge fan of shimmer shadow’s it might not be something you’d want to grab, I happen to like shimmer so it’s perfect. Originally $22, I got it for $10.

·        Face & Body Brush – I’ve been on the hunt for a big fluffy face brush so when I found out that the makeup was included in the 3 for $30 deal, I headed straight over to the brush section and grabbed one of these beauties. This has got to be the softest brush ever. So far, I’m in love. Originally $26, and you guessed it, I got it for $10.

With both my groupon’s and the discounts they had going on in store, my total owed was $23.70.  Let’s just say I was grinning from ear to ear on the ride home, I LOVE when I get great deals.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My first post - Sequins & Tweed

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my very first blog posting! How exciting.

I've been wanting to blog for so long, but have never had the guts to actually do it, until NOW.

So without further hesitation, here is my very first OOTD. Hope you all enjoy.

Here is my outfit from Saturday night,  we attended dinner at a Family Friends home. I love the mix of textures with the sequins on the tank and the tweed cardigan. I combined this with one of my favorite purchases this year, my Cynthia Rowley straight leg pants. Finishing off the outfit with some simple accessories that really brought the look together. It was comfortable yet still fashionable.

  • Tweed Cardigan (Target $14.95 on sale)
  • Sequin Tank (Target $6 on sale)
  • Straight Leg Pants (Cynthia Rowley via Marshalls $19.99)
  • Rose Bracelet ( Primark $7)
  • Ring (Forever 21 $5)
  • Shoes (Target $14.95 on Sale)

Thank You so much for stopping by - Hope you all have a wonderful day.