Sunday, December 29, 2013

Weekend OOTD

Hello Everyone!

With the new year knocking on our door ...I'm going to try jumping back into blogging regularly . At least a couple of times a week. With that being said, here's a quick OOTD from this weekend:


I decided enough is enough, caved and went on the hunt for some maternity clothes (I've held out mostly until now, but I fear I might start to ruin and stretch out my normal clothes). 
I found some cute tops and tunics at H&M, and some undies at Motherhood (for all you prego readers, if you haven't discovered maternity undies...RUN don't walk to your nearest old navy or Motherhood...I promise they will change your life!) 
Here is what I wore on our little shopping excursion:
Top - Gino's Boutique (local here in Franklin, TN)
Necklace - Muse Boutique (another local here in Franklin, TN)
Pants - From Ross' maternity section
Purse - Coach (One of my Christmas gifts from my lovely Mum & Dad)
Shoes - Tom's


Today is my Dad's Birthday, he is in the middle of ripping out and restoring their Master Bath, so to allow him all day to do that we decided breakfast would be a better option than dinner. After breakfast I did our weekly grocery shop (I loathe grocery shopping ... Anyone else?)
This is what I wore to Breakfast / grocery store this morning:
Headband - Target 
Top - H&M Marernity
Jeans - Target (non maternity...they are wide open being held up with a bellyband! Haha)
Shoes -  Gap

The weather isn't too cold here today so I threw on this blazer instead of a coat:
The rest of my day consists of walking my pup then planting my bum on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. I'm savoring these final 10 weekends (give or take) and making some me time...which today includes a nice nap :)

Hope you all have a fabulous week ahead xoxoxo

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